Issue when working with WebSecurity in time of login or register or createuser

For above reason, exception throws which looks like To call this method, the Membership.Provider property must be an instance of ExtendedMembershipProvider

In details to solve this issue:

1.    Create a new MVC 4 project using the “Empty” template
2.    Add Two references WebMartix.Data and WebMatrix.WebData

3.    Now main task which we have to complete. Go to Solution Explorer, Expand References in there and go to properties for both of them by right clicking on each WebMartix.Data and WebMatrix.WebData. In the properties window set Copy Local to True for both of them.

4.    you will have to add the connection string in web.config
5.    To test proper activity you can add this in Global.asax.cs  Application_Start function

6.    Ok run this and check in your database that 5 table created which look like this

7.    If all ok then you are free to go  for  adding user, add a role, add the user to the role and more through this

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