Adding Grunt tools for building nodejs project

Assume that you already install node exe. Also you created a node js application in netbeans environment so the next tasks are below-

Step 1: Install grunt globally. To know more visit here

npm install -g grunt-cli

it will install grunt globally  which need to call for installing grunt others plugin.

Step 2: Now need to add grunt library for project deploy

  • install grunt locally by npm install grunt –save-dev
  • install grunt-contrib-qunit by npm install grunt-contrib-qunit –save-dev
Checking that your source code follows best practices is not enough to guarantee that its stable and doesnt contain bugs. To create a robust project, you need to test it. There are several libraries you can adopt such as QUnit or Jasmine. In this guide, we describe how to configure QUnit, and specifically grunt-contrib-qunit, to test your code.
  • install grunt-contrib-copy by npm install grunt-contrib-copy –save-dev
Which Need to project build function.
  • install grunt-contrib-clean by npm install grunt-contrib-clean –save-dev
Which Need to project Clean & build .

Step 3:
Add gruntfile.js to your project by right click project name>New>gruntfile.js or project name>New>others>Select Html5/Javascript>select gruntfile.js just as like below

and write below codes in your gruntfile.js.

It will needed to avoid some exception like 

Task “clean” not found. Use –force to continue
Task “build” not found. Use –force to continue

Step 4: Now right click to your project properties and select grunt from left and from right panel select first three things just like below

Ok you done. Now Build your project through Run>Build. Then you can see a build Directory just created in your project directory. Also by run>clean then you can see that build directory get cleaned.

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